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Thursday, 4 January 2007

Arsenal vs Charlton - Ashburton Grove

On the 2nd of January, Faye and I braved the cold to go see Arsenal beat Charlton 4-0. Dispite the result, Arsenal were shocking. They try and play the perfect game everytime. This is a bit frustrating for the fans, because we (the fans) want to also see brilliant goals. Arsenal seem to always want to walk the goal in. In truth, Arsenal could have won 12-0, maybe more. We seem to hate Alan Pardew (Charlton Manager). Alot of us singing 'Alan Pardew is a w**ker, is a w**ker'. I thought is was fitting because of what he did to Mr Wenger when he managed West Ham. Faye wasn't feeling well that night and seemed to hate it. Or maybe that the Shocking Arsenal don't excite her anymore. Anyway, my next game is the very big one, Manchester United (I hate them). Will be nice to win. (Can only hope)


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